Longboard Girls Crew


    LGC Board


    Length: 99 cm – 38.9 inches
    Width: 24 cm – 9.4 inches
    Wheelbase: 68 cm – 26.7 inches or 65 cm – 25.5 inches
    Concave: 1,3 cm – 0.3 inches
    The length & width are perfect for women or men with small sized-feet. The concave is perfect for dancing and freestyling but also for some serious freeriding. It’s a symmetrical board with just the right amount of tale & nose so as said, it’s an extremely versatile board.

    Product Description
    The graphic was designed by our good friend and talented artist Álvaro Yuste following some of our specifications. He did such an amazing job and the result is beautiful. Plus, he’s the same artist who did out t-shirt design! Check his rad work out here.

    The graphic has tons of elements that we love: world maps, the northern star & compasses, which reflects the worldwide movement Longboard Girls Crew is and how close we all are despite the distance, united by the same values and love for the sport.

    The quote “Not Giving In” is very powerful for many reasons. The word “Giving” is in big letters as that’s what we’re all about: Giving, supporting & promoting. But if you look closer to the full caption it’s also about Not Giving In in what we do. When we first started Longboard Girls Crew it was a male-dominated sport. It mostly still is but we keep working to position our role as Women in this and all Action Sports scenes so that quote represents a lot of who we are, our values and what we do.

    There’s a small text in the lower part of the board:

    “We longboard.

    Some of us go fast.

    Some of us go sideways.

    Some of us compete.

    Some of us use it

    as transportation

    from A to B.

    We all skate for fun.

    No matter what.

    Not giving in”

    This quote mostly written by Daisy Johannes and completed by Valeria Kechichian expresses exactly how we live our sport. Freely, having loads of fun and not judging. We hope you skate like that as well!