MAHFIA.TV is a global archive for women’s action sports content, created by MAHFIA PRODUCTIONS, INC., a media production company co-founded by Kim Woozy and Johnny V based in California, rooted in action sports, youth culture, music, and entertainment. From 2010-2018, MAHFIA Productions created and curated content showcasing girls and women around the world defying the norm and elevating skateboarding, snowboarding and action sports culture to the next level.

“Our goal was to promote and highlight girls and women during a time where there was little visibility and few opportunities for women in action sports with the intention of growing the community and creating sustainable opportunities in skateboarding. Today, almost a decade later girls and women are participating at exponential rates from the beginner to the professional level. There has been an increase in female founded companies and women in leadership roles. With the rise of social media, promotion and exposure is now in the hands of our community! While we are no longer running this site, we are proud to share with you our library of stories and images to inspire and empower you to go for it. Enjoy!”

Kim & Johnny


Kim Woozy


Currently, Kim Woozy is a community leader, speaker and consultant. She has over a decade of experience building brands, creating community and empowering women in action sports. In addition to co-founding MAHFIA.TV, she has played an integral role for many women in the skateboarding industry including today’s top professional skateboarders, photographers and filmers. Kim also executive produced “Quit Your Day Job,” the first all female full length skate film released in the US in 10 years, co-founded WSA (Women’s Skateboarding Alliance) a global management, consulting and sport organizing agency and helped created The Skate Exchange, an event that brought the top female skateboarders in the world to Tokyo for the first time in history. Kim also helped launch the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Skate Like a Girl (501c3) where she is currently the Director of Development. Skate Like a Girl’s mission is to create an inclusive community by promoting confidence, leadership, and social justice through the sport of skateboarding through free community skate clinics, school programs, lessons and summer camp for adults and youth. Kim is based in the Bay Area is also a member of the advisory board for the Center for Sports and Social Justice at California State University East Bay.

Keynote Speaking

Corporate, Academic, Tradeshows, Community


Brand Development
Marketing & Content Production
Event Production – Film Premieres / Parties
Skateboarding Instruction / Clinics
Skateboarding Demos / Contests
Talent Casting & Placement
Community Education & Development: Panels & Workshop
Art Direction & Design


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