• B4BC Die-Cut Sticker


  • MAHFIA Kit

    Mahfia Kit


    This kit includes:
    -1 Mahfia Embroidered Hat
    -1 Mahfia x Mizu Water Bottle
    -Mahfia Stickers

  • MAHFIA Team Decals

    MAHFIA Team Decals


    – 6 inches wide
    – Pack of 3 vinyl diecut decals.
    – color choices: black, white or mint

    Perfect for laptops, phones, car windows, snowboards, surfboards.

    NOTE: This sticker type is also commonly referred to as: Pro-cut Decals, Thermal Die-cuts, Vinyl Pro-Cut, Pro-cut Stickers, Decals, Transfer Stickers.

    ***NOTICE: This item will not ship until February 6th***

  • MAHFIA Team Stickers

    MAHFIA Team Stickers


    Pack of 10 stickers
    – 5 inches wide
    – black logo with clear backing

    High quality, digital die cut. Perfect for skateboards, snowboards, surfboards and pretty much everything else!

  • Skateistan Sticker Pack


    Skateistan Sticker Pack containing 10 assorted stickers.
    -Skateistan Logo Sticker
    -'Keep Skateistan Rolling' Sticker
    -Afghan Skater Girl Sticker
    -Dari Sticker
    -Khmer Sticker
    -Afghan Bird Sticker

    Please note that the content can vary due to availability, but you always get 10 stickers.
    The stickers are kindly sponsored by the awesome