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MAHFIA.TV is the leading digital global destination for women’s action sports culture. Producing and curating authentic, branded and high-quality content on a multi-media platform — we are an interactive community for females whose passions are expressed through skate, snow, surf, wake, travel, culture and diversity.

MAHFIA.TV is created by MAHFIA PRODUCTIONS, INC., a media production company based in California, rooted in action sports, youth culture, music, and entertainment since 2006. MAHFIA PRODUCTIONS is a full-service production house that brings a stylistic flair to branded video content providing brands the opportunity to produce content that is authentic to females interested in the action sports lifestyle. MAHFIA’s team of experienced producers in youth culture and action sports media utilize unique production techniques that deliver an unparalleled signature aesthetic.

For editorial/press inquires, advertising opportunities, video/photography production price quotes: info@mahfia.tv



Kim Woozy

Co-Founder | President

Woozy has nearly a decade of experience in marketing female action sports athletes and has played an integral role in launching the careers of some of the world’s best female skateboarders during her time as Marketing Manager at Osiris Shoes’ Girls brand. Woozy’s accomplishments through MAHFIA in producing authentic media for young girls has garnered press from publications such as Transworld Business, GrindTV.com, XGames.com and a spotlight in Marie Claire Magazine’s “20 Women Who Are Changing the Ratio”. Additionally, Woozy founded MAHFIA Sessions, an event and content series specifically designed for women working the action sports industry. Woozy is known for her TEDxTalk on women’s action sports marketing called: If She Can Do It, So Can I, where she explains the importance of supporting female athletes. Woozy lives in Berkeley, CA and in her free time she can be found skating with the Skate Like a Girl SF crew and snowboarding in the Sierras.

A product of the millennial generation, Kim Woozy was born and raised in the heart of Northern California’s Bay Area. Her childhood was influenced by the juxtaposition of San Francisco’s rich cultural diversity, Silicon Valley’s technological innovation and the Sierra Nevada’s epic outdoor adventures. Woozy discovered her passion for videography at the young age of seventeen when she got her hands on her first digital camcorder. She moved to San Diego in 2002 and earned a BA in Visual Arts Media at the University of California, San Diego. Action sports gave Woozy an opportunity to find her life path and identity at a young age thus planting a deep seed of desire to give back to the community and positively grow the culture. She aims to authentically construct the future of action sports for females as well as introduce the culture to young girls around the world and change their lives forever.


Johnny Varsity

Co-Founder | Video Producer

Born and raised on the island of Alameda in the center of the San Francisco Bay Area, and educated at the University of California San Diego, Jonathan Villegas’ entrepreneurship as a video producer and co-founder of MAHFIA.TV — along with an academic background in sociology and philosophy — have nourished a world-view interconnecting Universal truths with culture and art. With almost a decade of experience producing action sports video content, his vision and storytelling ability drive the creative progression behind MAHFIA.TV.


YuLin Olliver

Director of Partnerships

Yulin Olliver is an entrepreneur at the forefront of skateboarding and action sports media. Founder of Yunexis Agency, Olliver has launched marketing campaigns at Rob Dyrdek’s SLS Nike SB World Tour, FUEL TV, and the SLS Foundation. She is at partner and the VP of Business Development at the Women’s Skateboarding Alliance. As head of Marketing at Street League Skateboarding, she introduced the new sport property to the world in 2010; one that changed the entire landscape and future of professional street skateboarding competition forevermore. She launched the event marketing division at FUEL TV – activating at over 16 live-televised Dew Tour stops around the nation.

Then, as part of Circe Wallace’s team at Octagon, they advocated for the world’s best skateboarders including Paul Rodriguez and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana. Yulin is a proud Bostonian. After snowboarding professionally for Atomic Snowboards, Zeal Optics, and Betty Rides, she received her Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Pepperdine University in Malibu. She’s passionate about the snow, skateboarding, fair and equal media exposure for women in action sports, preserving wild horse family bands and making Los Angeles No-Kill for homeless dogs.


Nam-Chi Van


Nam-Chi Van is a skate and lifestyle photographer based in San Francisco, CA. Her passion for skateboarding has pushed her to become one of the top female photographers in the industry. As the photography market becomes more saturated, Nam-Chi continues to stay on top with her documentary style and post-processing techniques.


Hayley Gordon

Filmmaker & Photographer

Hayley Gordon is a California based filmmaker and photographer who has shot and directed several short films featuring some of the world’s best female surfers and skateboarders. Her films have been featured in film festivals around the world. Hayley is the founder of Leashless.tv, a website featuring her latest short films and photos.


Nico Ricoy


Nico Ricoy is an internationally published photographer shooting since 2006 out of Southern California. Starting out as a nightlife photographer for San Diego’s Gaslamp District scene, he soon branched off into other areas of photography primarily focused on portraiture including fashion, glamour, conceptual, lifestyle, and promo. Self taught with a huge technical boost in lighting techniques by dear friend and mentor, Tom Sidock, he now claims to “make light his b&*ch.”

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you’re worth, and you will know the key to photography.” – George Eastman

Erik Sandoval

Erik Sandoval

Filmmaker & Producer

From the small town of Atwater Village Los Angeles, Erik Sandoval has been producing footage of skateboarding for about as long as he has been skateboarding himself since 2001. Being In the skateboard industry as a professional camera operator for over a decade he has also paved his way in post-production, most notably working alongside as a “Predator” for a digital content studio of television producer Mark Burnett and his team. Erik has shot and edited everything from action sports, celebrity music artist segments, video game collaborations and much more. Known for being meticulous and having a wide dynamic range, Erik is currently directing and producing “Quit Your Day Job” a skate film featuring the world’s best female street skaters, scheduled to release Fall of 2016.

Monique O'Toole

Monique O’Toole

Filmmaker & Producer

Born and raised in a very small beach town in Southern California, Monique first started skating with the boys in 1995 and became a local at the legendary Huntington Beach Cap Shue Skatepark. Two years later, she met legend and industry pioneer Lisa Whitaker at the first All Girl Skate Jam contest in San Diego, CA. Keeping in touch throughout the years, Lisa brought her on to assist with the launch of Meow Skateboards in 2012. Although filming had never crossed her mind as a career path, Monique is quickly adapting and becoming one of the go to filmers in the women’s skate scene. Teaming up with mentor, partner and best friend Erik Sandoval, Monique is co-producing and filming ”Quit Your Day Job,” a skate film featuring the world’s best female street skaters, scheduled to release Fall of 2016.

Carmen Zhou

Carmen Zhou

Content Manager & Designer

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Carmen Zhou is a multi-faceted creator specializing in graphic design, web development and social media along with a deep passion for photography and videography. Graduating with a degree in Design / Visual Communications from the University of California, Davis, Carmen has 3 years of experience in print design, social media and digital content creation. In her free time, Carmen can be found volunteering and skating with the SF Bay Area chapter of Skate Like a Girl or riding her fixie bike and shooting photos in the streets of SF.

Zorah Olivia

Zorah Olivia


Zorah Olivia is a 23 year old photographer from Baltimore, Maryland. Coming from a family of artists and photographers, Zorah picked up photography naturally. At the age of 10 she was given her first skateboard, from there the two mediums collided. At 16, Zorah took on a photography internship at Camp Woodward where she got her first experience shooting and collaborating with professional skateboarders. Zorah’s energy and passion for skateboarding combined with her unique eye for creativity and fun and easy-going personality makes her one of the top photographers to shoot with. Zorah currently resides in Baltimore, studying photography at the University of Maryland.




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