Tokyo Premiere of Quit Your Day Job
Taken in Tokyo, Japan @ Mortar Skate Shop Updated 6 years ago 43 Photos

[2.4.17] We teamed up with our friend Yuri Murai (skater/filmer/editor of Joy and Sorrow — full length Japanese female skateboarding film) to host a premiere of “Quit Your Day Job” in Tokyo, Japan. Mortar Skate Shop in Shibuya opened it’s doors to provide free beer, show the film and offered a free skate session afterwards. Tons of Japanese #ladiesofshred came out including sisters Aori and Kotone Nishimura and Miho Kazama (aka Kama) co-founder of Sunny Skateboards. The girls skate scene in Japan is amazing and growing! Look out for the release of Joy and Sorrow 3 later this year. Photos by Nam-Chi Van.

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