Rock and Wyre x MAHFIA Bracelet

Rock and Wyre x MAHFIA Bracelet


This bracelet was designed in collaboration with, the global destination for girls action sports media. Having grown up in action sports ourselves, and truly understanding the impact sports can have in girls lives, we felt obliged to do something special with MAHFIA. 25% of all proceeds from this necklace will be donated to Skate Like a Girl, a non-profit organization that empowers young people through skateboarding.

***NOTICE: This item will not ship until February 6th***

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Product Description

This particular bracelet is co branded with both a RAW tag and a MAHFIA tag. It features Black Jade (a protective stone), Jasper, and Brass Chain.

About Rock and Wyre:

Wearable art for badass babes. Because we love you.

We want to travel the world, and we want you to travel the world too. We’ve come to realize that life is too short to be worrying about the future, so we’ve created this brand as a reminder to ourselves to live in the present, and our hope is that each hand crafted piece of wearable art that I create will be a reminder to you as well.

Rock and Wyre represents a way of life. It’s a reminder to live raw, to be raw, and to love raw, because the world is in dire need of us to do so. Each piece of jewelry created is made from R.A.W. materials (see what we did there), namely Rock and Wyre (yes we realize Wyre is spelled wrong, the URL for Rock and Wire was already taken, so we had to deal with it – nothing in life happens as smoothly as we anticipate). The stones used are collected from all around the world, and we do our best to ensure the quality of every piece. In addition to being beautiful stones, each one also has multiple meanings carried within them.

We love you, and we hope you do big things in the world.



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